Project Swigle

Swigle is a mobile app concept for the homeless.  It will be the first app written against the standards proposed but will also explore other groups of APIs that are mobile oriented.  The project will be hosted on this site and will include playback 0 (goals, problem statements, personas, and sponsors).  Successive playbacks with the project sponsors will also be hosted here until the project has a home and a domain established.  The project will be run out of Pittsburgh as a local effort bringing together non-profits, county and city resources.

Q1 Working Group Goals

The working group will deliver APIs for two areas by the end of March:  Needs & Gifts and Organizational Profiles.  These two APIs will showcase how the standard is able to streamline information sharing and at the same time transact tangible good.  Its our hope that these APIs will get folks excited about possibilities for implementations and mobile apps.

Keith Brings has joined our working group effort and conducted a review of the specifications under incubation.  He will also contribute to the new work this quarter.  If you are interested in joining the working group, then drop me a mail by commenting on this post.

Its a new year and renewed effort.

Chris Berg

Working Group Schedule

A new year is upon us and so will renewed progress on the standard.  A new working group schedule has been created for 2013:

Monday, January 21,
Monday, February 18,
Monday, March 18,
Monday, April 15,
Monday, May 20,
Monday, June 17,
Monday, July 15,
Monday, August 19,
Monday, September 16,
Monday, October 21,
Monday, November 18,
Monday, December 16,

All meetings are scheduled 4-5 PM EST.  Post a comment to this entry if you would like more info.

Getting started

The Standard for Good kicked off in September with Volunteer Match and Great Non-profits showing their support for a standard that focused on direct good.  While the effort has many places to go, everyone agrees on the seed planted here.  Doing good is not an industry.  Its a social imperative.  Free software and the open source movement have demonstrated what can be done by developers when they care.  We believe a standard around direct action will open up an ecosystem of good that will enable developers, and their code, to make a difference in the lives of everyday people in need.

The opportunity for such a standard has never been better.  The post-pc world is before us and cloud offerings have lowered the bar for the non-profit community to make their next step a big one.  Mobile devices now account for more than 50% of web traffic to some popular watering holes.  Mobile applications run on REST and streaming data usually based on proprietary APIs.  While many non-profits would like the developer community to write apps for them, few developers want to write code for a one-off implementation.  So it seems everyone wants to scale but we cannot without this starting point.

Over the next several weeks a working group will emerge and initial work product will be reviewed and posted on this site.  All work is open to public comment and opportunities to directly participate will be posted.  Thanks to everyone for your support.

Chris Berg, Product Designer @ IBM